Quarantine Routine

This situation that we all are in right now is far from normal, but I think it is important for us who can to make it as normal as possible. I have created a routine for myself which helps me keep some normalcy in my daily life, and I thought it would be good to share it with you in case you struggle with keeping sane or feel restless.

Start your day right

I have tried to keep my sleeping routine to the same as before, although I have to admit there have been more late nights now than usual! I try to wake up at the same time every day, but I do believe this is a good opportunity for us to take some time to rest. Next is to MAKE YOUR BED. I always make my bed before I leave my room in the morning, it helps me start the day in a “productive” way and I also love to go to bed in a made bed!

Eating Routine & Cleaning

Since we are sitting home most of the time it is easy to go snacking at all times, so keeping a normal eating routine is important. Remember to not overeat and to let yourself get hungry before your next meal. Also, keep hydrated throughout the day!

Being home all day (with children or not) can leave a mess throughout the house, so try to create some house rules for yourself or your family so that the house won’t look like a disaster at the end of the day!


I am very grateful to live in a city where there are lots of places to walk (and also not a lot of people), so I have been taking long walks up to 2 hours every day to be active and to get fresh air. But this is not possible for everyone, try to find an activity you like and do it at home! Try workout videos on YouTube, or just simple workouts on your living room floor. I just bought these resistance band loops online and they have been great to have during this time. I bought a package with 3 strength variations (light, medium and heavy).

Take this time to spend more time with your family or to start with the hobby you always wanted to start with or just to rest with lots of books/movies. Also, try not to sit glued to a screen all day! And remember this is just a temporary situation.

Hope this routine will help some of you, if anyone wants to talk you can contact me on my blog or on my social media ❤

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