The Goldie Hawn Hairstyle

When I watched The First Wives Club on Netflix I absolutely fell in love with the hairstyle of Goldie Hawn. If you haven’t watched that movie you absolutely should, its funny, witty and full of Girl Power!

The hairstyle is classy, chic and boho all at the same time. I have been contemplating cutting my hair like this, but cutting bangs is a big “commitment” so I have been putting it off. Goldie Hawn is rocking this hairstyle both in the movie and in real life.

Images of Goldie Hawn in the movie The First Wives Club
Pictures from the movie

After googling Hawn and her hairstyle, I also bumped into the beautiful Birgitte Bardot. And after further research I found that the hairstyle is called “curtain bangs”. I have watched several YouTube videos on how to cut these at home, but I think I have to gather more courage before I jump into this!

Goldie Hawn (right), Birgitte Bardot (left)

I photoshopped this hilarious photo of me with this hairstyle, just to get a clue of how it would look. I know it is terrible work of photoshop, but thats my skills! ^^’

It doesn’t look that bad (I think), but what do you think??

Tell me if you think I should do it or not! ❤

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2 thoughts on “The Goldie Hawn Hairstyle

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