Coloring My Hair 4 Times In 1 Month

With the new year followed a need to do a change – so I decided to change my hair! I wasn’t sure at first what I wanted to do, I considered this and that, and one day in the shops I just picked up a box dye and suddenly it was decided. Professional hairdressers will probably cringe/laugh when reading this.

I wanted a sort of ice ash blonde color (a mix of the pictures below). I knew I wouldn’t manage to get exactly this color, but I have wanted to try out a color like this for a long time, so I just jumped into it.

pictures from google

So silly me thought that I just needed to use this one box dye that I bought, but I learned through this experience that it is far from easy to get the color you want – and that hairdressers are magicians. The box dye bleached my blonde hair, and it did not turn out very nice as you can see below!

The first picture is before, the other three are after

The pictures are not very good, but my hair was y-e-l-l-o-w. I left it like this for a week to let my hair relax before I did more damage to it, as bleaching does a lot of damage. The second time coloring I did more research, and found out that I should try toning my hair – so I bought a toner which looked like the color I wanted.

After the toner I was content with how my hair looked, but it did not take long until that color disappeared. Since the toner didn’t stay in my hair, I bought another box dye! Third time’s a charm right?

2nd and 3rd time coloring

But no. I was still not satisfied with my hair, and hair salons in Norway are ridiculously expensive. So guess what? I tried another box dye! By this time I should have been sponsored by Schwarzkopf ^^’.

The funny thing is that the fourth and last box dye basically turned my hair back to my natural hair color. I think the next time I decide to do a drastic change to my hair I will go to a hairdresser, but it was fun testing different box dyes and having another hair color for a little while!

My next plans will be trying the Goldie Hawn hairstyle – if I dare!
Have a great day/evening everyone ❤

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