What Makes Me Feel Better

In this post I will share with you what makes me feel better! If you follow my blog you know that I love make up and beauty. Doing my make up helps me feel better and it is a sort of therapeutic experience for me. It relaxes me and it brings out my creative side.

On Saturdays I usually have my little beauty ritual. My ritual is a little different every Saturday, if I do the whole thing I start with a face mask and doing my nails.

The best part is when I sit down – blasting my music and doing my make up. And some times I enjoy a glass of wine!

I like to try new facial masks and put on a fresh coat of nail polish. Put on my favorite music with my amazing Beats speaker. Light my candle and serve myself a glass of cold Rosé wine. Then I sit down playing around with different palettes, colors and products.

The look I did on Saturday
The look I did on Saturday

After doing my make up I usually do my hair. I have this amazing hair tool from Remington, it has twisted plates so it is a straightener and curler all in one. I really recommend this hair tool, it is cheap and it is amazing to be able to create curls, waves and straighten with just one tool! I know this sounds like an ad, but I really love this tool ^^’

I used the tool in the pictures.

When I have completed my ritual I like to have a little photoshoot in my bedroom. I just bought a ring light and I used it for the first time this Saturday, and I had so much fun taking pictures while listening to music!

This routine helps me relax and I also have great fun! I think it is important to include something you enjoy doing in your day to day routine – to let your mind be somewhere else and to relax.

What do you do to feel better? ❤

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