Cutting It Again

So I told you in my post about coloring my hair 4 times in 1 month that the next plan for my hair was doing the Goldie Hawn hairstyle. But no. Yesterday I was so tired of having long hair, so guess who brought out the scissors last night? Me!

During my coloring phase I also cut my hair, but now I did a “big” cut. For most people this is not a “big” cut, but for me it is. I love my hair, and I love having long hair – but some times it can make me go crazy. I wanted a change again and I am not coloring my hair again in the near future.

I have been cutting my hair at home for as long as I can remember. Fun fact: I have actually never been to a hair salon in Norway. Before it was my mom who cut my hair, but when I was living in Paris I did it myself and continued to do that. Except yesterday, since it was such a “big” cut I let my mom be the responsible ^^’

Here’s some pictures of the result!

Tomorrow during my Saturday’s beauty ritual I am going to try to do some 60s or 90s hairstyle. And I will of course take pictures!

I will spend my Friday night playing The Sims and just chill. Hope you have a great day/evening ❤

Do you like to change up some times too?

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