Lack of Motivation with Tips

So my Easter break ended yesterday, and today I found myself really struggling with my motivation. I just did not want to start with what I needed to do and ended up procrastinating for hours. I need my motivation to be able to take action, and I guess I am not the only one in this situation after a break!

The lack of motivation results in procrastinating, and the procrastinating ends up with not getting the task done. So today when I was sitting and enjoying my procrastination, I decided to just get up and get going! With my struggle to find motivation I have gathered 7 tips for finding that well-hidden motivation. If you are interested in these tips keep reading! ❤

Motivational quote: "Wish for it. Hope for it. Dream of it. But by all means do it..."

You should find the reason why you need to complete your task, the reason or reasons are the driving force behind what you need to do. When you have no motivation, think about the purpose WHY you want to do it or WHY you have to do it and how that will help you further.

The feeling of completing a task is so good! There’s no other feeling like it. Maybe even have a prize waiting for you – like your favorite candy or buying a new pair of shoes!

The environment you work in can affect you a lot, meaning the space and the people. I am a full-time online student, so the environment I create for myself is very important. I set up my work station every day with my comfortable chair, the right height for my screen and a good cup of coffee. When you are going to sit in one place for hours, it is important that it is comfortable for you!

Something that helps me is to do something that I enjoy to do before I jump into my task. Then my mood is up and when my mood is up my motivation returns. Read, listen to music, work out or whatever you like – it will definitely help you!

This is one of my favorite tips! At the start of the day write a to-do list of what you would like to complete that day. As you complete the tasks, you can check them off and that gives you a great feeling of productivity and success!

Now this is very important. Take a break every once in a while to keep sane and to keep your motivation up! If you sit hour after hour with your work it will feel like your head is exploding at the end of the day – or at least that’s how I feel. When I study I always make sure to take some breaks – drinking water, going to the toilet, talk with my family or listen to some music.

When I was struggling to get started today I just decided that I needed to go ahead and do what I needed to do. This is not always so easy, but some times this helps. You will notice that when you start, it is very easy to keep going and moving forward.

Motivational quote: "Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations"

These are my tips for keeping motivated or to find your motivation. My 5 weeks long exam is starting next week and I know that I will be using these tips to keep my motivation up! I hope these tips will help some of you ❤

If you have some tips to add or that you want to share please do in the comments below!

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