Bed Makeover?

The past week my mom has been redoing my older sister’s bedroom, and it inspired me to do something that I have been wanting to do for a long time! I was thinking of moving my furniture around too, but I think the way my bedroom is looking right now is the best it can be.

I redid my bedroom in 2013, I painted and bought all new furniture. The only thing that I didn’t change was my perfect bed. Or almost perfect. The color of it is not my favorite, and it has been bothering me since I redid my room.

This is the loathed color. I just despise this kind of color, it is so yellow and it does not match the rest of my room as you can see in the picture below.

So I have decided to solve this problem by pickling it. I got a color catalogue from the local hardware store the other day and now is the time to choose. I will use the Jotun Lady Pure Nature interior pickle. These are the colors I have in mind:

As you can see I am going for a more grey toned color, I think these colors would look great with the color scheme of my room. If the weather keeps up I am thinking of getting it done the coming week – if I get the time next to my exams 😥

Tell me what you think of these colors and which you would pick!

Have a great Sunday ❤

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