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Today I got the second and final part of my order from the Norwegian beauty website – BliVakker. The reason for second is that I ordered the wrong color in 2 products, so I had to reorder them ^^’ Now I finally got all the products in the right color and I am excited to talk about them with you!

Bath Therapy Delighting Blend Hand Cream 
The reason I got this is that I just emptied my previous hand cream, so I needed a new one and I have heard good things about Biotherm products. It is infused with grapefruit and sage, and smells absolutely fantastic! The hand cream is thick in consistency and leaves my hands feeling super soft. Another positive thing – at least for me – is that it disappears into the skin and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky!

Dream Urban Cover | Color: 103 Pure Ivory
This is one of the products I ordered the wrong color in, it looked a little lighter online. I have only tried this on my hand so far, but the color looks good and it blended nicely in to my skin. I did use my fingers to blend and it left a beautifully smooth finish. It is a lightweight foundation with SPF 50 and is said to be full coverage. I am very excited to try this as I have seen several people use it and it is spoken well of! I will talk more about it when I have tried it in on my face.

Real Techniques
Miracle Complexion Sponge | Color: Berry
This is one of the beauty blenders from their Sugar Crush collection. There are 3 beautiful sponges in this collection – berry, pink and peach. It comes in a cute, pink package and the sponge has glitter in it! I love Real Techniques beauty blenders, they are the right size and have the right consistency. I normally use their signature beauty blender, but I just had to get one of these!

Makeup Revolution
Conceal & Hydrate Concealer | Color: C2
I have used this concealer twice since I got it and it blends well. I have used their other concealer for years now, but I feel like it has been a bit drying lately and wanted to try this since its supposed to be hydrating. I love the big applicator it comes with and I definitely prefer this over their other one. The concealer covers well and blends easily into the skin. It is a bit thick for those who prefer that (or not)!

Fit Me Makeup Concealer | Color: 05 Ivory
This is the other product I ordered the wrong color in. From the reviews I could see I was not the only one making this mistake, as it looks lighter online than in real. I have only tested this on my hand, but it blends nicely and leaves a smooth finish. It has a nice consistency and feels light on the skin. I am very excited to try this and I have heard lots of good things about the Maybelline Fit Me collection.

I really enjoy writing posts like these and trying new products! I will try these products more and write more about them. I hope you enjoyed this post! ❤

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