The Ultimate Makeup Brush Cleaning + Facts

Today I thought I would talk with you about the importance of cleaning your makeup tools and also share my makeup brush cleaning tips! But first, some facts. It is essential to clean your make up brushes and sponges often. Your makeup tools can carry lots of bacteria if you use them again and again without cleaning them. That is why makeup artists clean their tools thoroughly after each client. I would also recommend getting a new beauty blender every once in a while if you do your makeup often.

Not only is it important to clean your makeup brushes because of the bacteria, but also for the application of the makeup. Dirty makeup tools lose their softness when they are full of products. Applying makeup with dirty tools will not give you the same results as with clean tools!

So how often should we clean our makeup tools?
Dermatologists recommend that we clean our brushes and sponges at least every 7-10 days. That being especially for our foundation and concealer tools(!) When it comes to brushes we use less twice a month is good, or at least once a month.

I do my makeup maybe once or twice per week, but I still clean my makeup brushes and beauty blender often. I try to clean them after each use since I never know when I will be doing my makeup the next time, and that is because I don’t want to take the chance of bacteria building up.

Here’s my ultimate makeup tool cleaning!

This is what I use

I use a normal dishwasher soap and this makeup cleaning tool. I start with soaking my beauty blender(s) in hot water. I leave them in the water for a minute, and then I just apply the soap directly on it and press it multiply times in my hand to get all of the products off. If I find some hard spots I apply some soap on the spot, leave it for 10 seconds and press it out.

Be careful to press all the soap out of the beauty blender in hot water!

And just like that they are as new!

The process for the brushes are easy, but a bit tedious. I let some hot water be in the sink and put some soap in a small bowl. I then clean one and one brush. Putting water on the brush, putting soap on it from the bowl, scrubbing it gently on the cleaning tool and cleaning it off with clean hot water.

As I said it can be a tedious process, but put on some music and it can be a fun little cleaning session!

I have tried different soaps, even the ones specific to cleaning makeup tools – but nothing beats the dishwasher soap! The cleaning tool is also fantastic, it has the striped side which I use for bigger brushes, and the dotted side which I use for smaller brushes.

Nothing beats doing makeup with clean brushes and beauty blender! I hope you enjoyed this post ❤

x Alex

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