The Best Kind of Weekend

Yesterday I finished this weeks assignments and I will enjoy this weekend to the fullest! For those who doesn’t know I am in the middle of my exams, so completing my assignments 2 days early is truly amazing!

While I was studying yesterday there was the most beautiful sunset in front of me and I just had to get my camera and snap some pictures. I think I might have millions of pictures of this view, but I am truly a sucker for a beautiful sunset!

This morning has been the most relaxed morning I have had in a long time. After waking up this morning I opened the door to let the fresh spring air enter the house as I turned on the radio and made delicious Brioche French Toast. I set the table with all kinds of jams and fresh blueberries. Then my family and I sat down for a late weekend breakfast – talking and enjoying the food.

The best kind of Saturday morning.

Tonight I will bake a mix of Jamaican Banana Bread and Coffee Cake, it will be a fun experiment. I have made the Banana Bread before and it taste absolutely fantastic, so if this is a success I will share the recipe with you!

I hope you all will have a great weekend ❤

x Alex

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