I Finally Found It!

I have been looking for this item for months, and I have finally found it. If you haven’t seen this item yet, you will definitely fall in love with it like I did when I first saw it. Unless you don’t like stars and beautiful lights – but who doesn’t?

The perfect galaxy projector!

I bought another galaxy projector before this one, but it was not what I was looking for at all. Then I found this – the beautiful BlissLights Sky Lite. The research to find the perfect galaxy projector definitely paid off.

During my research I sent the company a message asking if they ship their products to Europe, and they told me that they started to sell on Amazon EU/UK this month!
You can find it here: FR Amazon 65,99€ | UK Amazon £69.99

This is sounding like it’s a sponsored post – I wish. It has a cute and light design, good size and lots of different settings. The 3 buttons in the picture above are for changing the light, rotating (on/off) and the luminosity. It creates a dreamy atmosphere in the room by creating a universe of moving laser stars.

Turning the projector on with the rotation and the lowest luminosity setting brings the bedtime routine to the next level.

x Alex

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