Cutting it AGAIN

A little over a month ago I posted this, and I am here today to tell you that I have made a change yet again. The opinions of my hair change daily, some days I love having long hair, other days I want to get a bob (even though a bob would never work on me). Last time I cut my hair I told you about how having long hair can make me go crazy some times, and for that reason I brought out the scissors again.

I am still cutting my hair myself for those who wonder – that way I get the shape I like, and I got the control over how much I want to cut. I have been cutting my own hair for a couple of years now, and I have still not made any big mistakes!


Another reason why I cut my hair is because I cut my hair pretty straight last time as you can see in the before pictures. I prefer to have either U shaped or V shaped hair. I can easily do the U shape myself, but the V shape is a bit more difficult and time consuming.

I have some veeery exciting plans for my hair, but you are going to have to wait and see!

x Alex

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2 thoughts on “Cutting it AGAIN

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