Zara Haul | Try On Video

Today I am coming to you with something new – not only clothes, but a try on video! I have been wanting to do this for so long, and I finally did it. Now I know that my video editing skills are not the best, and the quality is not the best either – but it is my first time doing this.

The haul as you probably understood from the title is from Zara. I absolutely love their clothing! I believe 90% of my clothes are from Zara, and that is not even an exaggeration. The quality of their clothes are amazing, and they always fit me well.

I ordered the items online, and I am very pleased with the experience. It came after a couple of days, and the packaging was adorable!

All the items are linked below the video if you are interested in anything ❤

I absolutely looove the leather jacket, it is such a beautiful piece of work! I have been looking for this kind of jacket for 2 years now, and this got everything I was looking for! The basics – t-shirt and stretch top – are classics, they are super stretchy and fit so well. When I was younger I had the stretch top in every color, they are so comfortable!

I cant wait to wear the skirt this summer! I can already imagine it – an all white outfit with gold jewelry in the glistening sun…

I hope you enjoyed this post and please comment below what you think of the try on video!

x Alex

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