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A month ago I wrote about some new products that I had bought, today I am here with a review. The products I will be reviewing are the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover and the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. Keep reading to find out what I think about these products and to see pictures of me using the products ❤

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Dream Urban Cover | Color: 103 Pure Ivory
The reason I bought this was because of a YouTube video I watched, the application of it looked so smooth and let me just say – it is super smooth! What I mean by “smooth”, is that it applies easily, blends beautifully into the skin and has a smooth finish. It is so easy and quick to apply it, and it covers well. If you want full coverage you can just build it up.

I have used this with and without primer, and it seriously doesn’t make any difference. It stays on all day and does not move throughout the day. For me this is the perfect summer foundation as it is so lightweight and with SPF 50. It leaves a natural-looking finish, and the impression of perfect skin!

Fit Me Makeup Concealer | Color: 05 Ivory
This liquid concealer blends very nicely and leaves a smooth finish. My under eyes tend to crease a lot, but with this concealer I haven’t had that problem. It is not too thick and not too thin, aka the perfect consistency for a concealer. And it is oil- and fragrance-free! However, it could have covered a tad better. It says on the Maybelline website that it is natural coverage, which I can see.

Lately I have mixed this concealer with my Makeup Revolution concealer, and that mix gives me the coverage I want without creasing 🙂

In the pictures above I am using both the foundation and the concealer. I followed my normal makeup routine, and the combination of these products gave me a “natural” makeup look with a smooth finish!

The foundation definitely makes it on my list of favorite foundations! If you are looking for a full coverage and lightweight foundation – this is it.

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