Update On My Greens

Today I am here to update you on my greens! By greens I mean the vegetables I planted a couple of weeks ago. I rediscovered my green fingers, and I am loving it! I am growing tomatoes and basil, and even with the mixed weather in Norway, they have grown nicely.

I have been taking pictures these past weeks to follow the growth and development of the plants so that I can share this journey with you! Since the weather has been a little up and down, I have still not had the opportunity to replant them outside, but now I don’t really have a choice anymore as they are growing out of their greenhouse.

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Basil (left), tomatoes (right)

The tomatoes took a bit longer until they showed compared to the basil, but when they sprung they sprung!

I have been looking around Pinterest to find inspiration and ideas on plant beds/flower beds. After the research I have been doing, I believe I am going to create a garden box (pictures below).

I am going to look at some tutorials, and learn how to properly replant my vegetables outside and also on how to build this garden box. I will keep you updated! 🙂

x Alex

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