Review: Depend Gel Kit

Hi there!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for a new week! Today I am coming to you with a review on the Depend Gel Kit. Since I am a fan of their other nail kit I thought I would give this a try.

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So this kit comes with 44 square nail tips, sculpting gel, gel activator, glue, 2 nail files, and of course instructions for use. You have to buy nail polish separately if you want to add nail polish on the finished nails. The instructions are very well written, and takes you through every step of the process. The process itself is tedious and you should clear your schedule for a couple of hours when you sit down to do this.

The product and the nail polish (Essie Cheers Up) I used:

I do like the square design of the nails and I didn’t need to file them much to get the result I wanted, but I did use almost 3 hours on the whole process of putting the nails on and adding nail polish. The nail tips are very thin, and in one way this is good as it makes the transition from your nail to the nail tip more seamless, but it also makes it harder to apply them as they become somewhat flimsy.

The finished result:

I am aware that the nail polish isn’t well applied, but after sitting with this for so long I just wanted to get the nail polish on and call it a day šŸ˜‚ The finished result isn’t that bad, but because of the thin nail tips I struggled with placing them straight as you probably can see.

They lasted for a little over a week, so I will say that it was not worth it. I prefer their other nail kit as they last longer, they don’t take that long time to apply and I am always happy with the finished result. The nail polish from Essie on the other hand is gorgeous and a new favorite in my nail polish collection!

Would you try this product?

x Alex

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