A Must-Read Book

I just finished reading The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson, and it is truly THE thriller to read. After reading the summary of this book I knew I had to get it. I can honestly say it is one of the best novels I have read. It is so exciting and unexpected. It is twisted and the events taking place in the book surprises you in all kinds of ways. I had trouble putting the book down as I always wanted to know what happened next. Just by reading the summary and the reviews on the cover you know it is a bestseller.

Some of the reviews:
“Gone Girl on speed.” Daisy Goodwin
“VERY dark and twisted.” Paula Hawkins
“Chilling and hypnotically suspenseful … could be an instant classic..” Lee Child
“A perfect thriller.” Lovereading

You can read more about the book here 📖

I will definitely pick up other novels written by Peter Swanson. I love the way he writes – if his other books are as good as this one he will easily become my favorite author as well.

What is your favorite book?

x Alex

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