The High-Heeled Loafers

As I have mentioned earlier I am a shoe gal and have managed to build a small collection of shoes over the years. After re-watching Friends I could not get over the beautiful high-heeled loafers that Monica is wearing – you probably didn’t notice them, but as the shoe fanatic, I am I did.

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After seeing those heels I could not get them out of my mind and went online to try to find them. I found many beautiful pairs, but settled on a budget-friendly pair from mtng I found on Zalando.

I absolutely love these shoes, they are exactly what I was looking for and fit perfectly. They are super comfortable and the height is just right. They are classy and feminine with a little edginess.

As I was looking I found many great pairs online. ASOS got a great selection of loafers, both with and without heels. The absolute dream pair is from Gucci, the price on the other hand is neither a dream nor budget-friendly. But look how beautiful they are…

Gucci Marmont Platform Loafers

I also found these gorgeous and less expensive ones from the brand Sam Edelman

Aretha Loafer Sam Edelman

The ones below are all from ASOS

The high-heeled loafers come in many fashionable styles and colors, with or without heels, and will definitely bring an edge to any outfit!

x Alex

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