Only One Week Left

Hi there πŸ–€

Yesterday I submitted my Semester Project at school and that means I only got one more week of studying until Christmas break! I am so excited for the Christmas break and everything that comes with it. Today I am coming to you with some Christmas inspiration to get you as excited as I am πŸ˜‚

Even in Norway the American Christmas songs are classics. When I grew up we always listened to the American classics during Christmas, and we still do.

The other day I found all the classics I grew up with in one playlist on Spotify. This playlist will definitely get you in the Christmas mood! πŸŽ…

Another important part of Christmas is all the cozy, family movies. My family and I always watch the same movies every year, but these are my absolute favorites:

It’s not about presents,
it’s not about food.
It’s about family time.
That’s Christmas time.

Maria Carrion

What are your favorite parts of Christmas?

x Alex

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