Only One Week Left

Hi there 🖤

Yesterday I submitted my Semester Project at school and that means I only got one more week of studying until Christmas break! I am so excited for the Christmas break and everything that comes with it. Today I am coming to you with some Christmas inspiration to get you as excited as I am 😂

Even in Norway the American Christmas songs are classics. When I grew up we always listened to the American classics during Christmas, and we still do.

The other day I found all the classics I grew up with in one playlist on Spotify. This playlist will definitely get you in the Christmas mood! 🎅

Another important part of Christmas is all the cozy, family movies. My family and I always watch the same movies every year, but these are my absolute favorites:

It’s not about presents,
it’s not about food.
It’s about family time.
That’s Christmas time.

Maria Carrion

What are your favorite parts of Christmas?

x Alex

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