Waist Trainers | Do They Actually Work?

That is what I am going to find out. The gyms in my city opened this Monday, and I have bought some new waist trainers that I have been excited to try out. I have been on a weight loss journey this year, and with the gyms opening/closing because of the current Corona situation it has not been going as planned.

The reason that I am on this weight loss journey is because when I was living in Paris I gained a whopping 10 kg the last half year. I didn’t have a scale when I was living there, so when I returned to my home country and saw that I was 10 kg heavier I was shocked. There was so many things going on at that moment that I had not noticed this weight gain. Now, I don’t exactly have a problem with my current weight, but I would like to lose some and feel content with myself again.

A couple of years ago I tried waist trainers from two different brands on eBay, I didn’t really keep a real track at that time as I just tried it for fun – but as I went from a size L to a size M must have meant that it worked in some way. This time I bought two different styles of waist trainers from Waist Train. I got a bundle with their Everyday Waist Trainer and Sweat Fitness Belt. My waist is 77 cm and I use the size M in both waist trainers. I recommend following the size guide if you are interested in buying a waist trainer.

Everyday Waist Trainer

Sweat Fitness Belt

They are both very comfortable and stretchy. Currently I am using the fitness belt only while doing cardio and the everyday waist trainer while I am doing walks or other everyday activities. The fitness belt increases sweating and is said to aid weight loss. The everyday waist trainer is in a very comfortable and breathable fabric and is said to slim the midsection.

Now I don’t believe using waist trainers by themselves will do the trick, but I am interested in seeing if they can help with losing some of the belly fat. I recommend reading articles about waist trainers before jumping into using them.

“Advocates believe that it is possible to “train” the waist to retain a slimmer shape after frequent wearing of the garment over an extended period. Some people suggest that wearing a waist trainer while working out can aid weight loss.”

“Wearing a waist trainer may temporarily help with improving posture. However, if a person wears it too much, it may instead weaken the core muscles and result in back pain and poor posture.”

“Any weight loss from wearing a waist trainer is more likely to be due to increased sweating than to any loss of body fat.”

“While wearing a waist trainer, a person may feel as though they have a decreased appetite. However, this change is due to the garment squeezing the stomach. It is important to follow a healthful diet and eat the right amount of nutritious food.”

Medical News Today

Have you tried waist training before?

x Alex

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