My Christmas Celebration

Hi everyone 🖤

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays and are ready for a new year! 2020 has been a year for many new experiences and situations, and I want to applaud us all for making it through!

This past week I have been watching Christmas movies, eaten too much (probably gained a few pounds 😂😭), and spent time with my family. Christmas Eve was everything I wanted it to be – we managed to have a great and corona-safe Christmas celebration with great food, presents, and dancing.

Outfit: shirt – H&M, leather skirt – ZARA, heels – ALDO

For my Christmas Eve outfit, I decided to go for an all-black combo with my beautiful leather skirt from ZARA and my new black shirt from H&M. It was comfortable and classy, and the heels from ALDO are an absolute dream to walk in.

I can’t wait to show you my New Year’s Eve dress, it is like a beautiful piece of art. I bought it a couple of months ago, and I am super excited to finally wear it!

x Alex

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