Asian Fusion Dinner Night

I have been wanting to have an Asian Fusion dinner night at my house for the longest time, and on Saturday I finally took the time to do it. I stood in the kitchen for what felt like forever making all kinds of dishes, and it all disappeared in 20 minutes or less – so it is safe to say it was a success!

It was all super tasty if I may say so myself! It is the first time that I made dumplings and I am “proud” of the outcome, it was definitely a much easier task than I had prepared myself for. A couple of things I did wrong was leaving them for too long in the frying pan as they became a little hard and making the dough too thin – but they were still super good!

All the recipes I used were in Norwegian, but I will link them anyways. In the recipe for the dumplings, I replaced the bamboo shoots with mushroom.

What I made:
🥢 Dumplings with mushroom, beef mince, spices, chili and spring onions
🥢 Chicken Satay
🥢 Asian salad with radish and asparagus beans
🥢 Peanut Dip & Dumpling Sauce
🥢 Vegetables on the side (carrots, spring onions, cucumber & red bell pepper)

I love trying out new things in the kitchen and recipes from all over the world. There is so much great food and it is so fun trying out something I have never done before, and especially when I manage to do it successfully! These recipes are now in my favorites, and I will definitely have an Asian Fusion dinner night again! 🥢🖤

x Alex

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