Outfit & Try On Haul

Hi there 🖤

These past weeks I have tried to fully take advantage of the current sales – as I have mentioned several times here on my blog I am a student with a massive student loan, so I have to keep the luxuries to a minimum.

Shopping for clothes has always been a weakness for me as I love to mix it up and having a fresh wardrobe – but I have come a long way from how I was before! Now I only buy items I really want/need. I keep a list of things I want, and if I still want the items on that list after some time I allow myself to buy them within reason of course.

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The outfit I share with you today is also a try on haul. I got two new pieces last week and they look great together – so I decided to take some outfit pics!

The pieces are from nelly.com, and were both 20% off. I have been looking for a new pair of leather pants for some time now, and these look and feel great on. They are the perfect length and has the perfect amount of stretch. The top is super cute with a hem detail that accentuates the waist – giving me effortless curves!

x Alex

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