New Hair Products: Volume & Curls | Review

Last week I bought some new hair products, and since then I have been testing these products out. Today I am here to share with you my opinion of these products! I hope you enjoy this review πŸ–€

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Dust It
I did a lot of research before I bought this product as I have been looking for a good product to create volume in my hair for a long time, and I am happy I did!

“Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder is a mattifying volume powder for strong, rough and matte results. The lightweight powder provides long-lasting hold, strong control and strong texture for 24 hours of volume control.”

This product is great! It is super easy and quick to use, and it doesn’t leave a “dry look” on your hair. You just apply it where you want to have more volume and style as desired (on dry hair). I am sure there are different ways to use this, but I place it in two different layers on each side of my head and fluff it up – giving me plenty of volume!

It says that it gives you 24 hours of volume control, but I would say it lasts longer. I wash my hair every other day, meaning I have this product in my hair for almost 48 hours. I just brush through my hair and fluff it up and I still got lots of volume during those 48 hours after applying just once!

10/10 ✨

Maria Nila Curlicue Cream
My hair is naturally wavy, and I wanted to see what a curling cream could do for my hair. I didn’t do much research for this product, but the reviews were great and that is why I decided to buy this one.

“A nourishing cream that enhances and defines curls and waves while protecting hair against humidity. Moisturizing extracts from chamomile protects the hair, prevents frizz and split ends, while heat protecting molecules add definition and hold to curls. The Curlicue Cream has a fruity floral scent of Jasmine, Lily, and Pineapple.”

This product is also easy to use, you just apply a small amount throughout your towel-dried hair and press it upwards with your hands. I also use a diffuser to get the maximum effect. I am not quite sure how I feel about this product, it gives you beautiful curls for a while, but it doesn’t hold for long and my hair ends up looking pretty frizzy after a couple of hours, and the day after it is very difficult to brush through.

It is my first time using curling cream, so I might just have to find the right technique for me and my hair. I will continue using this product and if my opinion changes I will definitely update you!

7/10 ✨

x Alex

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