New In: Nike MC Trainer

I had my last Nike trainers for almost 7 years, and they had done their job to, say the least. It was time for a new pair of sneakers, and I chose to buy the Nike MC Trainer in black. I mainly got these shoes for work, as I have an active job my footwear is very important.

“The Nike MC Trainer helps you transition from heavy lifting in the weight room to agility drills on the turf without skipping a beat. It packs stability, durability and flexibility into a versatile design that supports all the ways you move while you train for your sport.”

I haven’t used them for work yet, but so far I am very impressed by them! They are super comfortable, and they have very good traction. I absolutely love the design of the trainers, they have that kind of futuristic design with a beautiful shape. There is nothing like a new pair of sneakers, hm? 😍

x Alex

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