Recipe for the Best Iced Latte

Hi guys ☕

I have always had a big love for coffee and have been drinking it since I was way too young. For the last couple of months, I have been working as a barista at a cafe, and my love and passion for coffee have grown if it is even possible. Working at this cafe I have learned many new recipes, and today I am going to share my favorite Iced Latte recipe with you!

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It is a very simple recipe, but it is all in the steps you take to make it correctly! It is also very easy to make at home, which is a huge plus.

Hazelnut Iced Latte
☕ 3 ts hazelnut syrup
☕ Milk (of your choice)
☕ 2 espresso shots (60 ml)
☕ Ice

1. Pour the syrup into your glass and pour a little milk into it and mix it.
2. Fill the glass with ice and pour over milk until it is almost full but leave enough room for the two espresso shots
3. Lastly add the two espresso shots and mix it all with a straw/spoon.

You should definitely try out this recipe if you are a coffee lover! You will become addicted like me 😂

x Alex

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