Workout Routine + Tips | Lockdown Version

Need to shape up? Or to stay in shape during lockdown? You are not alone!

At the end of 2020, I created a great workout routine for myself and I have been going to the gym 4-5 times per week since the start of 2021. So when the gyms closed last week I had to adapt like everyone else and create a lockdown version of my workout routine. My new routine is simpler and less hard, but as long as I manage to do it I am happy!

My workout routine:
💪 Walk/jog outside – 30-40 minutes
💪 Booty exercises with the app Butt Workout from Leap Fitness Group (in Play Store) – 10-15 minutes
💪 Abs exercises with the app Lose Belly Fat from Leap Fitness Group (in Play Store) – 10-15 minutes
💪 Arm exercises with YouTube video from XHIT Daily – 10-15 minutes

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I love the workout apps from Leap Fitness Group – you can do them anywhere, they are easy to follow and you don’t need any equipment. They also give you different exercises each day so it’s not so repetitive.

There are many great ideas online for at-home workout! Do your research and find what fits you, your routine, and your surroundings. You can use different things in your house, the nature and the architecture around you. F.ex. when I do arm exercises I use big water bottles filled with small stones.

You can also buy lots of great gym equipment online or use apps/youtube videos. When I was living in Paris I didn’t have money to join the gym and I didn’t want to buy equipment so my solution was Youtube videos! I just typed “Workout without equipment” and I found lots of amazing videos.

I can without a doubt say that I miss working out at the gym, but you got to adapt to the situation – so at-home workout it is!

Do you struggle to stay in shape during lockdown? Comment below if you found this post helpful 🖤

x Alex

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