21 questions | Makeup Edition

Hi guys 🖤

I saw someone do this tag the other day, and as the beauty lover that I am this is the perfect “21 questions” for me. These are 21 questions about makeup, so I hope my fellow makeup lovers will enjoy this post 🖤 I will throw in some pictures of some makeup looks I have done over the past couple of weeks!

1. What is the oldest makeup product in your collection?
I am very good at decluttering my makeup collection every now and then to keep everything organized and clean so most of the products in my collection are pretty new. But I do believe the oldest makeup product is my Urban Decay Naked Palette – it is a great palette and sadly discontinued.

2. What is your most recent makeup purchase?
That will be the Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara – which I am pretty disappointed about considering all the hype it has gotten and the results I got from it.

3. What is the first makeup product you ever used?
If I remember correctly it was the eyeshadow pots from SEPHORA. I had them in different colors, and I remember I loved using the light colors because they made my eyes bigger 😂

4. What is a makeup trend that you used to love but now you hate?

I used to love baking my makeup – especially under the eyes. I quit doing that a while ago as I found it gave me a dry look and also white flashback.

5. What is a makeup trend that you used to hate but now you love?

Highlighting! I hated highlighting as I felt like it looked so weird with glitter on the high points of your face, but now it is a part of my makeup routine. I do use it carefully, and try to make it look as “natural” as possible.

6. What is your favorite step in your makeup routine?
The next to last step of my favorite makeup routine is my favorite step – and that is putting on mascara. That is because when I put on mascara I feel like the whole look comes together and my look is fully complete. I absolutely love long and luscious lashes!

7. What is a makeup product you can’t live without?
Mascara 🖤 As I mentioned above I love long lashes, and mascara is one of the makeup products I use almost daily. On a normal day I put on a little mascara, and I just love how it brightens up my face!

8. What sparked your love for makeup?
I have always had a passion for makeup and skincare, I guess it came from having a big sister who loved makeup. We always did our hair and makeup together when we were smaller, and as I got older it has just grown.

9. What is the worst makeup look you’ve ever done?
I can’t actually remember a specific look, but I did do my eyebrows horribly when I was new to makeup. Too thick, and too dark 😂

10. What is your favorite makeup look you’ve ever done?
Actually, the picture above is one of my favorite makeup looks – a glam look with brown eyeshadow liner and nude/brown lips.

11. What is your favorite drugstore makeup product?
The eyebrow pencil from NYX. I have used it for a couple of years now, and it is a great product for a great price!

12. What is your favorite splurge makeup product?
I am not sure if I can call it a splurge, but it is a high-end product. It is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original. It makes the eyeshadow pop and keeps the eyeshadow crease-free all day!

13. What is your most repurchased makeup product?
Maybelline Mascara Lash Sensational. This is definitely my most repurchased makeup product. It is a great mascara that gives a full fan effect and makes your lashes look absolutely fantastic!

14. What is your earliest makeup memory?
That will be a “photoshoot” I did by myself when I was 13 years old. I did a full glam makeup look, and I put this colored sugar on my lips 😂

15. What is your favorite place to shop for makeup?
Either SEPHORA or Monoprix. That will be SEPHORA for high-end products, and MONOPRIX for drugstore products.

16. What is the most underrated makeup product you own?
It might have to be my new NYX Born To Glow foundation. I have tested it these past weeks and it is amazing! I haven’t heard much about this foundation, but it is a new favorite of mine. It has medium to full coverage and lasts for hours – and it really does give you a lovely glow!

17. What is the most overrated makeup product you own?
I can’t really say I have any at the moment. As I mentioned above I declutter my makeup collection often so if I have makeup products I don’t like/use I usually get rid of them.

18. What is a discontinued makeup product you wish would come back?
Urban Decay Naked Palette and the oil-free Angel Veil primer from NYX.

19. Where do you go for makeup inspiration?
Mostly Pinterest and Instagram. I also find looks in music videos and magazines.

20. What do you hope to see LESS OF in makeup’s future?
I actually don’t like the current trend of the extreme bushy brows and also the “Instagram Look”. The “IG Looks” are so heavy and absolutely too much for my taste.

21. What do you hope to see MORE OF in makeup’s future?
I would like to see even more improvements on the shade range of foundations and concealers.

x Alex

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