Testing New In-Shower Products | Garnier & MartiniSPA

Hi guys 🖤

Lately I have been testing many new beauty products so I got many upcoming reviews for you! Today I will talk about two in-shower products – the 3-in-1 hair treatment from Garnier and the massage glove from MartiniSPA.

Garnier Fructis Aloe Vera Hydrating Hair Food
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This hair treatment has been on the market for a while, but I was in need of a new hair mask and thought it would be fun to try this out as it has gotten great reviews! The Aloe Vera Hair Food by Garnier is a 3-in-1 hair treatment that you can use as a hair mask, conditioner, or leave-in treatment.

Instructions: As a conditioner: Apply to the lengths of wet hair after shampoo, then rinse. As a mask: Apply to the lengths of wet hair after shampoo and conditioner. Leave for 1 minute, then rinse. As a leave-in: Apply a 10-cent amount onto wet or dry hair, focusing on mid-lengths and ends. Do not rinse.

• Multi-usage: intense conditioner, hair mask and leave-in treatment
• Suitable for dry hair
• 98% natural origin formula
• No silicone
• No paraben
• No artificial colourants
• Vegan Dermatologically tested
• Leaves hair feeling healthy and smooth with no weigh-down.

Before & After

The packaging is cute and simple, and you get a lot of product for a great price! The Aloe Vera Hair Food smells very fresh and light compared to their other Hair Food treatments. As the formula is 98% natural origin, and with no silicones and parabens the mask itself has a soft and light feel to it without feeling sticky.

The before picture was taken right before my shower, and the after picture was taken after my hair had dried. I tested the hair treatment as a mask as I usually don’t use conditioner or leave-in. I didn’t use any heat or any other products after showering. My hair is thick, and it tends to be very frizzy after showering but after using this mask my hair felt super soft and nourished!

You can even see the difference in the before and after pictures. My hair looks more “bouncy” and healthy, and what makes it even better is that the product is of 98% natural origin!

If you are looking for a new hair mask that has a long-lasting, fresh smell and makes your hair look nourished this is definitely it!

MartiniSPA Massage Caress & Cleansing Glove
website | amazon

The second star of today’s post is the “Massage Caress & Cleansing Glove” from MartiniSPA. I usually use the regular shower gloves that you can get anywhere, but I recently decided to “invest” in a higher quality glove. This product is made in Italy, and is made of natural sisal and cotton.

Quality Facts:
• High quality item realized in accordance with relevant regulation
• Latex free
• Produced by renewable energy
• Realized with certified quality system
• Not tested on animals

It has one soft side and one rough side as you can see in the pictures above. I usually only use the rough side of my shower gloves, and the rough side on this one is really rough so it is not for everyone. However, I love the roughness of it as I feel like it really scrubs my body. The glove leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and it doesn’t make me feel itchy afterward as regular gloves normally do (which is a FANTASTIC benefit, to say the least).

• Prevents premature skin aging
• Prepares skin for suntan and for epilation
• Stimulates microcirculation reducing cellulite problems
• Facilitates the absorption of creams
• Makes your skin radiant, toned and smooth as silk

I hope you enjoyed this post 🖤

x Alex

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