The Leather Trench Coat | A Trend

I have always had a big love for leather, so when leather became a trend this last year it was like heaven for me. The past year the fast fashion brands really stepped up and delivered many great quality faux leather pieces. I got leather everything now, and the latest addition to my leather collection is a leather trench coat from Boohoo.

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Inspo from Pinterest:

Unlike many other fabrics and pieces of clothing over the years, leather has made itself a permanent feature in fashion and clothing. It’s protectivelong-wearing qualities mixed with its obvious fashion appeal means that leather clothing has become timeless. It doesn’t matter if you’re a movie star, musician or just a normal person on the street – there is nothing that will make you look quite as good as leather!

Mahi Leather

Baazar article – Leather Fashion: 10 transitional leather pieces to wear all year

x Alex

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