New Year, New Routine

Hi there πŸ–€

So I disappeared for a couple of days, and the reason for that is because I am currently getting used to a new routine. As I am a student I have a student loan, and since my education is coming to an end the stress of having to pay back my loan is building up.

There are not many job opportunities in the small city I live, so finding a job has been a real struggle – until now! At the start of this month I was called into a job interview, and I got the job!

With this new job, I have had to change up my routine and create a new balance in my daily life. I have still not figured it all out, but I want to find a nice balance between studying, blogging, working, working out, and other daily activities.

It is very good to work again, and it feels great to know that I am earning money and that I can slowly start to repay my loan.

x Alex

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