My Waist Training Journey | Update with Pictures

Hi guys!

It has been three months since I started my waist training journey and today I am back with an update on my experience. This is also a weight loss journey for me, but I will talk about that in another post! You can read my first post about waist trainers below.

Part 1: Waist Trainers | Do They Actually Work?

Before I go into the details I will just mention some facts for those of you who didn’t read the first part of this journey:
💪 I am using two different waist trainers from – the Everyday Waist Trainer and the Sweat Fitness Belt
💪 I use size M in both waist trainers (I recommend following the size guide if you are interested in buying a waist trainer.)
💪 The fitness belt increases sweating and is said to aid in weight loss. The everyday waist trainer is in a very comfortable and breathable fabric and is said to slim the midsection.
💪 I don’t believe using waist trainers by themselves will do the trick, but I am interested in seeing if they can help with losing some of the belly fat.

As I mentioned in the first part I have been waist training before, and I have not experienced any discomfort or issues with waist training – and I have done plenty of research before starting on this journey.

I am very impressed with the quality of both waist trainers. They sit comfortably on the body and the two different designs are both stretchy. I have been using the Sweat Fitness Belt while I do cardio, which is for 20 minutes each workout session. The Everyday Waist Trainer I use while I do other daily activities.

I have been going to the gym 3-4 times per week for the past three months where I mix cardio and strength training. I usually do full-body exercises every session. I have been measuring my whole body and weighing myself regularly for the past months, and when I started this journey my waist was 77 cm. I won’t mention my weight as I feel like the real results are the measurements.

All the pictures are taken at approximately the same time in the morning

Today my waist is 75 cm! I know this doesn’t sound like a huge difference in 3 months, but I am very satisfied with these results and on top off that I have also lost over 2 kg! In the pictures above I can clearly see a change in my waist and my belly fat.

Now I will say that these are the results of working out more, eating better (and less) and using the waist trainers. I have lost some centimeters all over my body, but the waist is definitely the place I have lost the most. I will keep up the hard work and keep you updated on my waist training journey!

Can you see a difference in the pictures? Do you want to try waist training?

x Alex

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