Dinner idea/recipe: Juicy Chorizo Burger

Hi there πŸ–€

Looking for a dinner idea for the weekend? I got you!

Today I will share the perfect weekend dinner idea with you. Three words – juicy chorizo burger. It is super tasty, and the chorizo mixed with the beef makes a perfect match.

I won’t bother writing a “how-to” as burgers are basically just grilling the meat and putting the ingredients together – but I will share the ingredients and a link on how to make the chorizo beef patties.

πŸ” Brioche burger buns
πŸ” Chorizo beef patties (you can use store bought or you can follow this recipe)
πŸ” Cheddar cheese
πŸ” Arugula salad
πŸ” Avocado
πŸ” Tomatoes
πŸ” Red onion
πŸ” Bacon

It is quick and easy to make, and a meal you can make for many!
Have a great weekend everyone πŸ–€

x Alex

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