A Trip to the Hair Salon

Hi there 🖤

This weekend I went for a much-needed trip to the hair salon. I can’t even remember the last time I went to the hair salon, and not only that, this was my first time going to a hair salon in Norway. The reason for that is that when I go to the hairdresser I go to cut my hair, and paying someone that amount of money to cut my hair is just not worth it.

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I do cut my hair at home with the help of my mom, but none of us are professionals 😂 We do a decent job, but it is not the same experience as going to a nice salon where you get the extra treatment and all! Plus after bleaching and coloring my hair a couple of times the past year I really needed an extra boost for my hair, so I bought a “deal” on letsdeal. I absolutely love this website as you can find amazing discounts for all kinds of experiences!

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📍 Jon Frisør

As you can see I really needed a trip to the hair salon! She gave me a deep treatment, a cut, and styled it for an amazing price – and the finished result was beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed this post 🖤

x Alex

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