The Best At-Home Eyebrow Coloring Kit

I have always done my own beauty treatments at home, not only because it is cheaper, but because it is something I really enjoy doing. Now by beauty treatments, I mean everything under the realm of beauty – nails, hair, skin, and whatever else you can think of. Testing different products, finding amazing products, and sharing them with others is a hobby of mine and today I am here with another product I have tried and LOVED.

The star of today’s post is the amazing product RefectoCil – which is in my opinion the best at-home eyebrow tint kit.

I have tried many eyebrow tint kits, and none of them can match this one.

N.B. You have to buy the RefectoCil Oxidant 3% liquid/creme separately!

You can buy it here: RefectoCil 3 | RefectoCil Oxidant 3%
15% off with code: ADT15 or 100 kr(NOK) off with this link

After doing some research on their colors I decided to buy the color Natural Brown No. 3 as it was the best match for me as I didn’t want any red undertones. The kit comes with the instructions, the color, and a plastic stick you can use to apply the color with.

The kit comes with easy instructions with pictures, and the process is simple and quick. You just mix the paste with the oxidant and apply it! I left it on for 5 minutes on each eyebrow which gave me the perfect color. As for the lashes I managed to get the mixed paste in my eye so I had to wash it off before the time was finish – but they still got some color 😂

Before | After

The price is great as you get many uses of one purchase. The best advantage is that getting ready goes so much quicker! When I get ready now I only fill in the bottom of my eyebrow and the arch, and it seriously saves me 10 minutes. The tint doesn’t leave any color on your skin compared to other brands I have tried, which leaves a beautiful and natural result!

I hope you enjoyed this post 🖤

x Alex

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