Current Scent: Le Couvent Maison De Parfum

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Today I will talk about my new current scent. I have always been picky about my fragrances, and as I have found out what kind of fragrance I like over the years I have in a way become even pickier. As I mentioned in my last “Current Scent” post (linked below) I have come to prefer quality scents that give me a sense of luxury, and for me, those scents are citrus and musk.

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“Musk is a woody and mysterious scent, that for some reason smells different on every person who wears it and lasts for a long time. Citrus fragrances can be mixed with many other scents and they will always give a fresh and clean feeling.”

My current favorite scent is AQUA SOLIS by Les Couvent Maison De Parfum. I found it while I was looking for Christmas presents last year, and the first thing that drove me to it was the beautiful display of their perfumes. The packaging and perfume bottles are beautifully made and look luxurious both on the inside and outside. I tested a couple of their fragrances, but when I tested AQUA SOLIS I knew right away that I had to get it.

AQUA SOLIS draws on juicy fruit ripened on abundant sunshine, spices, citrus and wood. Cardamom then provides freshness followed by Mandarin with its characteristic warm notes. – Le Couvent Maison De Parfum

The way the brand describes this unisex cologne above is exactly how it smells. They have truly found the perfect combination of citrus and warm spices for this perfume.

It is a fairly new fragrance as it was launched in 2019, and I can’t say I had heard of it until I saw it in the beauty shop. That is also a big plus for me as I like one-of-a-kind perfumes, that way the fragrance sort of becomes “my signature scent”.

It is also vegan and up to 92% of the ingredients are of natural origin (which I love!).

Have you heard of this brand before? What is your current favorite scent?

x Alex

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