Easter Dinner

It has been so good to have an Easter break, tomorrow that break ends and the full-time student life begins again. I had actually not realized how much I needed a break until I had it!

It has been a great Easter break with lots of sleep, good food and great movies on tv. I saw Titanic yesterday and I had really forgotten how good that movie is!

On Saturday me and my family had a delicious Easter dinner. My mom made the dinner and I made the cakes (recipe: cinnamon tops).

This is the look I did on Saturday, you can’t really see the eyeshadow but I used this palette from BH Cosmetics to create a shimmery light brown look. I really like BH Cosmetics as a brand, they have great quality make up and tools. Most of my make up brushes are from BH. They are cruelty-free and use vegan ingredients! 😉

I said in my last post that I was going to create a 60s/90s hairstyle this Saturday, but after doing my make up I didn’t have time to do that..

For dinner we had chicken, french green beans, mushrooms, red wine sauce and this mouth-watering potato-carrot gratin. This meal is my absolute favorite, it has everything I love in it!

Holiday dinners are so great and I am so grateful that me and my family have the possibility to gather and enjoy these dinners together.

Did you have a nice Easter break?

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