My game-changing skincare routine

I have always been “blessed” when it comes to my skin, I never had any problems with my skin and I never had the “teenage skin” – until last year. I was living in Paris at the time my skin started to behave badly and I thought it had to do with what I was eating – so I started eating better, it helped on my forehead but not the real problem area which are my chin and on the cheeks.

Pictures of me february 2018
My skin at its best – February 2018

Until pretty recently I tried everything! I was googling the problems of my skin, trying to find a solution. At one point I was sure I had something called fungal acne and bought a bottle of Nizoral (did not work on my skin).

After trying lots of products and homemade masks for a year – I found a routine that actually works, and the basis of that routine is “less is more”. Less products and less touching, and also less use of the products you do use!

These are the products I use:

My everyday skin products. Cerave, Sephora, SkinAcademy.

The first row of products are the products that I use the most. The cleanser is very hydrating and that is why I have stopped using moisturizer. The serum from Sephora gives me this amazing glow and dries quickly. I use the target gel from SkinAcademy 2-3 times per week and I feel like it helps my blemishes to heal quicker.

The well-known peeling solution from The Ordinary is amazing, I can see noticeable results the day after I have used this mask. The solution helps with blemishes and to improve the skin texture and radiance. As for exfoliator I use the one from Rituals, it cleanses the skin with small scrub particles extracted from bamboo (it also smells amazing!). The peeling solution and the exfoliator I use 2 times per week as recommended.

The last product/tool is the blackhead and blemish extractor. Before I used my hands to do this, and that is not good!! The hands have bacteria that you do not want on/in your skin, so I bought this extractor. I use it a couple of times a month when needed.

My skin today – March 2020

My skin today is on the road of recovery and it looks and feels much better than what it did a month ago. I will update you on how it looks in some time!

I hope this can help some of you out there, because I know how much bad skin can irritate you and seriously make you “feel like shit”!

If you have any questions about the products do not hesitate to contact me! ❤

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