Clearing & Organizing

With time I have managed to build a small collection of skincare products – especially the period I tried lots of different products to clear my skin! If you have read my post about my game-changing skin routine, you will know that most products are not my skin’s friends. If you want to know what I do to clear up my skin you should definitely check out that post!

So with me changing my skin routine there are lots of products I am not using anymore and that are just taking up a lot of place in my skincare bag. The other day I finally cleared and re-organized my bag and it is so much easier to find what I am looking for!

Since I lived in Paris I have totally changed my way of living. When I lived in Paris I had much less things around me and it gives me such peace. Getting dressed is easier, cleaning is easier and keeping my living space clean is easier. When I returned to Norway I had a major clean-out in my bedroom, and now I finally did one for my skincare bag!

Now this is all of my skincare products, except 2 facial masks I keep another place. I think next task is decluttering my make up collection, I know that there’s definitely some products I can get rid off in there ^^’

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful Friday ❤

Do you enjoy organizing and decluttering?

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