Shoes of the Season | Spring 2020

I am definitely a shoe gal and these last seasons have brought so many beautiful shoe trends with them. So today I am coming to you with the shoes of this season!

For me, shoes are such a big part of an outfit. A pair of shoes can change an whole outfit – for the better and for the worse. Personally I like them either simple or all the way out there. Some days I like to throw on a simple outfit and let the shoes do the talking. Other days I like to do the simple look with some clean, white sneakers.

These last seasons there have definitely been some statement shoes. Wild heels, crazy patterns and lots of strappy heels. Spring 2020 brings nothing less!

First out are the square toe heels. You can find them in every shop at the moment, and no wonder why. They are classic, feminine heels with square fronts. My favorites are these mules from PLT.


Here we have a beautiful example of one pair of shoes with a mix of 4 trends. Zara has done a magnificent job here, mixing the lace-up style with a square sandal front and the slanted heel. They also have them in white and dark pink.


The lug sole continues to shine this spring. These shoes can be dressed down and dressed up, and definitely a statement shoe!


The colorful strappy heels will be a beautiful piece for the spring and summer, and will definitely spruce up the outfit.


The futuristic sneakers with their beautiful shapes and colors are in this spring, and these ones from Puma are absolutely stunning!


Adding some extra jewelry never hurt nobody, and these shoes show it! The little extra brings these shoes to the next level.

My favorite place to buy shoes are for sure Zara. They always bring the newest trends and lets not forget the quality! They sell such good quality shoes for the best prices! Most of my nicer shoes are from Zara, and they never break – and if they do it is from lots of wearing.

x Alex

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